My “Hit and Run Internet Marketing” book is now available at Amazon!

Along with the launch of this blog comes the accompanying book: “Hit and Run Internet Marketing: How I Make $500 a Month Doing Next to Nothing.”

Who am I? Theodore Sullivan. Just another person like you trying to make a living, preferably as easily as possible.

Who wouldn’t want a constant stream of money flowing into their bank account? Not too long ago, I  – like countless others before me – set out to create a source of residual revenue but failed to achieve my goal. Only after purchasing a number of overpriced programs that lead to nothing and putting in plenty of time researching and trying out different things was I finally able to develop something that really worked. More than a year after I began, I had discovered a strategy that netted me an average of 500 dollars a month without fail. This extra income has really helped me along.

I wrote this book for two reasons. The first was to share what I now know so that others wouldn’t have to make all the same mistakes I did. The second was to try to earn a little more money from the knowledge I have gained.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a get rich slow scheme either. If I knew how to generate millions I wouldn’t be spending time writing a book on internet marketing. I’d be sipping on a cold drink in some exotic location instead of hunched over a keyboard in my bedroom.

This book contains the full details of the program that I have developed over years of trial, error, success and failure, to make an average of 500 a month with as little as 4 hours of work a week. You can follow along to establish your own reliable source of income.

The plan of action laid out herein leaves you with some wiggle room. You don’t have to mimic my every move to succeed. For example, you may prefer to use different software than I do. But if you would in fact like to do everything that I’ve done, exactly as I’ve done it, you will be able to that too. I even include links to all the (mostly free) tools I use in the resources section at the end of the book.

One thing I will not do is point to the specific website and products I’ve developed. Since the income these produce is so important to me, I simply can’t risk it. But there’s no need for you to try to clone my previous work. Each reader will want to develop their own project in a way that fits them. That’s the real basis for success. Check out the book and let me know what you kind of success you have!

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