“Hit and Run Internet Marketing” is off to a great start!

My new book “Hit and Run Internet Marketing” has only been available for about three weeks but it’s already off to a great start.

I published the book in Kindle format on June 25th and the paperback version came soon after. I immediately launched a two-day free give away which, as described in my book, is available to authors who utilize Amazon’s KDP select program.

Several hundred copies of the book were scooped up by readers over that two-day period. I followed up a week later with a three-day free give away. I contacted ten of the “free kindle book” websites listed in the resources section of “Hit and Run Internet Marketing” in an effort to promote this give away and boost my book’s popularity. Several hundred more copies moved during the second give away period.

After about a week of very slow sales, things finally started to pick up. First, I sold a small group of books in the UK over a 24-hour period. Then one or two in the US. The next day I woke to find that I had sold several dozen copies in the US. That was followed by even more sales, mainly in the US but also in Canada, India, the UK and Japan.

The solid sales numbers have continued in the days since. My book reached #2 in the web marketing category for Kindle books. It is now fluctuating between #4 and #5, but that’s not bad. Besides, I’m quite confident things will pick up again soon. My author rank also soared, and that’s something that should increase even further as I publish my next “Hit and Run” book in the near future.

More importantly, I’ve received some really great feedback both in the form of reviews and emails. I’m really glad readers are enjoying the book and find the steps laid out in it easy to follow. Here’s to hundreds more earning $500 a month — or more — doing next to nothing!

Since the only real promotional efforts for this book involved sending less than a dozen emails, I have to give a lot of credit to the built-in promotional tools that exist in Amazon. There’s a reason I talked about the importance of things like the KDP Select program and the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature on Amazon. Here is the proof! When the internet’s biggest retailer is partnering with you to help sell your product you’re in a really great position.

All-in-all, I think the relative success of the book really speaks volumes about the validity of my “hit and run” ethos. It’s all about maximizing your output and giving your time the value it deserves. Thank you to those who have already picked up the book, and a warm welcome to all those yet to come.

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